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Signature dish:  

Shrimp on Heirloom Grits

About Me

I have been fortunate enough to train under some of the best chefs in the world, Mark Ladner, Mario Batali, Sean Brock, April Bloomfield, Christina Lecki and more. The lessons and time spent learning in and eventually running those kitchens combined with years of travel and study have lead me to very sharp vision and focus.
A brilliant meal is founded in the best ingredients. Find what is best right then and present it in a way that compliments its natural beauty and flavor. Simple but thoughtful food is always the most appealing.
While my roots are in the deep south, I draw inspiration from historical cooking techniques and global cuisines. I pay close attention to the techniques of the earliest classic chefs as well as modernism and the avant-garde. I am always in search of the best way to treat a specific ingredient and that can only be achieved by constantly growing and learning.
In addition to my own small farm in Accord, I have, over years, gathered a network of farms, producers and craftsman who provide me a steady supply of the best ingredients our location has to offer. There is always a focus on heirloom, responsibly raised, interesting vegetables. All of my protein sources guarantee ethically raised, happy animals. I do all I can to promote and utilize the work of these farms and reward them so they can continue their amazing work.
Working together to meet your specific taste, we can make your meal, whether a family style gathering or a plated tasting menu, one that you will remember and your guests will talk about.


New York incl CT and NJ

  • 2-3 Course Plated Meal
  • 4+ Course Plated Meal
  • Banquet Meal
  • BBQ
  • Brunch
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Party canapes
  • Vacation Rental Catering
  • Weekly Meal Prep

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Reviews (4)

  • Chef Shawn Burnette was absolutely amazing. This was my first, but certainly not the last time using Table At Home. I wanted to do something different for our anniversary, and this seemed like a novel idea.
    From start to finish both the website and Shawn were very communicative and answered any and all questions I had. Shawn was patient with me to go over the menu and his suggestions were perfect.
    Shawn is PUNCTUAL. We had a set call for 6:30 PM two days before the dinner and Shawn called me at precisely 6:30 PM. He was to show up at 6 PM for the dinner and arrived at precisely 6 PM. Tardiness is a pet peeve of mine, and few people in New York are punctual. That was really appreciated.
    On top of being a great chef, Shawn was a really interesting person to talk with while he cooked. He was courteous and really knowledgeable on a lot of topics.
    He made the night fantastic. The kitchen looked like no one had touched a thing after he left, and the meal was one of the best we have eaten in the longest time.
    I would recommend this site and Shawn Burnette to anyone without any hesitation.
    Thanks Shawn!!!!

    • Worked on March 26, 2019
  • I recently bought my brother and his wife a dinner with Chef Shawn. Because they did their honeymoon in Asia Chef Shawn came up with the brilliant idea to make the food "a trip around Asia" and the it was truly magnificent. Each dish was a flavor journey to a different country, imaginatively executed and earthshakingly delicious. My brother who is a very experienced foodie said that the food was comparable to any Michelin starred restaurant!!!

    My brother and his wife had the most delightful experience with him. They have just has been talking and talking and talking about how much he loved meeting Chef Shawn and eating his magical food!!

    • Worked on February 21, 2019
  • We had a wonderful time celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday with a bunch of friends! Chef Shawn (@shawnburnette) was so accommodating and planned a menu consisting of exactly what we wanted! Shawn was very professional, came prepared and was ready to serve dinner right on time. His Cuban dishes were delicious! He was very knowledgeable and even assisted me with making guacamole! Looking forward to using Table At Home again!

    • Worked on February 16, 2019
  • Chef Shawn prepared a delicious southern-inspired meal for my husband and me. The ingridients were fresh from his farm and other local sources. Chef Shawn even welcomed my husband joining in on the cooking so he could learn a few tricks (hello, bacon jam!). Chef Shawn left us with full happy stomachs, cornbread for days, and a supply of homemade pickles. We felt honored to have him take over our kitchen for the evening.

    Bonus: Chef Shawn's company was as good as his food. If you're a foodie, pester him with questions about his experiences in some of the country's most famous kitchens.

    • Worked on February 6, 2019