How we work

1. Customers request

Giving key details like date, number of people, serving style, food preferences and a budget. We will text you about relevant opportunities jobs near you.

2. You make a proposal

You then submit a proposed menu and pricing for each opportunity that interests you. Only 5 chefs can propose on each opportunity to favor pro-active chefs.

3. Select and cook

Customers select a chef through the site and provide payment details. On the day, you go to the customers home and cook the meal, and we process payment.

1. Customer requests meal

Giving key details and a budget. We text you about gigs near you

2. You make a proposal

You submit a proposed menu and pricing for each opportunity that interests you

3. Select and cook

Customers select a chef. You cook the meal and we process payment

Types of gigs

Dinner Parties

Customers looking for a authentic restaurant quality meal experience prepared in their home. Generally party size of 2 to 10 people.

Private Cooking Lessons

Customers wanting a fun and interactive small group experience in their home. Can be anything from pasta making to how to do a good roast.

Small event catering

Vacation rental catering, Brunches, Special Celebrations, Party Canapes, BBQs. Anything where customers want a chef to prepare great cuisine on site for 2-30 people.

Types of gigs

Dinner Parties

Restaurant quality meal experience prepared in the customers home

Cooking Lessons

Fun and interactive lesson experiences in the customers home

Small event catering

BBQs, Brunches, Vacation home rental catering

What we offer

Chef Collage 323x323 98
  • Quality gig opportunities generated through our marketing and advertising activities that would not be feasible for a independent chef
  • A independent platform to build a reputation through customer reviews and referrals, and manage all customer communications
  • Management of all booking and payment administration so you can concentrate on creating amazing food experiences
  • Aligned incentives - we only make $ when you make $ - our only charge to you is our 10% booking fee for confirmed bookings
  • Flexibility - you work when you want. Your creations Your hours, Your prices
  • Coverage - we currently operate in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, San Diego and Washington D.C.

Application requirements

  • Both professional and gourmet amateur chefs welcome to apply - just need the ability to deliver a high quality dinner party experience and the confidence to work independently in customers homes
  • Availability on Friday and Saturday nights is needed given that most customer demand is on weekends
  • Getting on the platform is a 3 part selective screening process: (1) Online review of your profile - About Me and Portfolio photos, (2) Quick Telephone interview, (3) Background check
  • As a online platform, photos of your cooking are very important. When applying, you will need to upload a minimum of 2 photos of nicely plated dishes you have prepared or your application will be automatically rejected
  • Note - we are a selective invite only platform, so make sure you showcase relevant experience and cooking to the dinner party focus of our platform
  • We will only contact chefs who make it through the first step of screening. All profiles are screened within 48 hours of application
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Tips and FAQs for approved chefs


Dear Chefs -

Starting today, we are changing the way we manage payment - reducing our booking fee and no longer managing chef payouts directly through the platform. Please read the details below.

Note - this does NOT impact upcoming bookings that have ALREADY been confirmed. These bookings will be processed under the terms they were booked and you will be paid out by us through Venmo. You should NOT collect any funds from Customers for these bookings.


The 3 main things you need to know

Still a 'Only pay for confirmed bookings model' - We think this is the right way to partner together, as opposed to having chefs pay upfront for every lead like thumbtack

TAH booking fee reducing to 10% - this will be calculated on the midpoint of the booking price and upper budget range. Based on bookings for the last 30 days, chefs will on average see the TAH fee on a booking reduce by 24%.

Chefs can collect pre-payment - Under new standard Chef-Customer contract terms, Customers will directly pay chefs (price - booking fee), including 50% before the meal for ingredients, etc. TAH will directly collect the booking fee at the time a booking is confirmed.


The changes in detail

The way Customers put in requests and Chefs propose will not change

When the Customer Accepts a Chefs Proposal and the Booking is Confirmed by the Chef, TAH will charge the Customer the 10% booking fee as a 'Booking Confirmation Deposit'. The remainder (price - booking fee) will be paid directly to the Chef.

The Booking Confirmation email will detail the booking details and contacts (as it does now), PLUS the terms for the Customer to pay the Chef the remainder of the funds

Under the new terms, Customers will need to pay the Chef 50% of the remainder 2 weeks before the booking date or within 24 hours if the booking is less than 2 weeks away. The final 50% will be paid on the day. All amounts will be detailed in the Booking Confirmation email.

Chefs will be able to nominate on their profile their preferred payment method (e.g. venmo, paypal, zelle), and this will be shown on the Booking Confirmation

Cancellation policies and terms of service have been updated to reflect the changes, with Customers forfeiting any funds paid if they cancel a booking


Important things to Do / Remember

You still need to propose pricing that is inclusive of the booking fee - this is to ensure that pricing is all inclusive and simple to understand for the Customer

Please add a 'Preferred Payment Method' to your profile. To do this, log on to our site and go to MY PROFILE, and you will see a place to enter your details just below your email. This information will be shown to Customers on the Booking Confirmation email.

Existing bookings will still be processed as per the terms they were booked under. CHEFS SHOULD NOT COLLECT ANY FUNDS DIRECT FROM CUSTOMERS FOR BOOKINGS CONFIRMED BEFORE 24 February 2021.

We will continue to strictly enforce the rules of TAH, and in particular any attempts to direct Customers off the platform or propose pricing that is not all inclusive / accurate. We believe we have - BY FAR - the fairest and lowest fee booking platform for chefs, and are only looking to partner with honest chefs who value Table at Home.


Why are we doing this?

As some of you may have experienced, Braintree Venmo (our payments processor), has had an increasing number of delays with Chef payouts. We know it is extremely hard for chefs to deal with these delays given you purchase ingredients, etc. upfront, so would like to avoid this bottleneck

The credit card fees associated with payments processing are a major cost to TAH. By lowering the funds processed through a Customer's credit card to just the booking fee, we are able to pass on these savings to Chefs through a reduced booking fee

Changes to a booking after Booking Confirmation are very common, and at times require a lot of back and forth between Customer-Chef-TAH to mange. Under the new model, you will be able to self manage these changes yourself, direct with the Customer. You will not need to inform TAH of changes to party size, date, price etc.


An example booking

Customer requests a dinner for 2 with a budget of $400. Chef proposal priced at $380 is selected by the Customer

NEW MODEL: Booking fee of $39 charged by TAH (mid point of $380 & $400 = $390 x 10%). Remainder of $341 due to Chef

OLD MODEL: Booking fee of $57 charged. Remainder of $323 paid to Chef

SAVING: $18 (32% reduction in booking fees)

NEW MODEL: Customer pays chef $170.50 two weeks before the booking date (50% of the $341 remainder), and the final $170.50 on the day

OLD MODEL: Chef receives $323 2-5 business days after the booking

POSITIVE: Earlier payout to chef


Got some questions or need something clarified? Check out the updated rules, FAQs and Terms of Service on our Chefs page.

If you are still unsure, reply to this email, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Kind Regards,


Founder - Table at Home

The booking process

  1. Customers place a request with us through our website - giving details like date, party size, meal type, cuisine preferences, special requirements, occasion, etc. They also set a budget for the gig
  2. We text the closest available chefs about the gig, and list the gig on our FIND WORK page
  3. You can read the full details of the gig on our site, including the zip code location so that you can take in to account travel time
  4. If you are interested in the gig, you click on the SUBMIT PROPOSAL button and enter a menu that you would prepare. Your proposal price must be all inclusive of ingredients, and your time to travel, cook, serve and clean up. Plus, remember the 15% booking fee we charge you off this price. See our tips section below for how to write up successful menu proposals.
  5. Customers review the chefs proposals they receive. If they have questions and changes, they will message you through the site. Phone contacts are only exchanged after booking
  6. You can edit your menu and pricing. Customers can edit their request date, party size and budget. In general, it takes customers and chefs a few message and proposal edits back and forth to arrive at an agreed menu proposal
  7. When the customer is ready to decide, they confirm the booking through our website and provide their credit card details for payment
  8. Once the booking is confirmed, contacts are shared, and you must call the customer to align on any last details
  9. On the day of the meal, Table at Home processes payment on your behalf. We authorize the payment several days beforehand so that you have confidence to go and buy ingredients, etc.
  10. You receive payment (minus our 15% booking fee) via venmo, 2-4 business days after the meal

Want to see what customers see? Click here to see a video of the Customer flow

Tips to get established on the platform

Tips for doing winning proposals

Tips to deliver a great meal experience in a customer’s home

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Rules for chefs

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