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  • All booking requests need to be done through our site by clicking on Request Meal. It takes less than a minute, and you will then get 2-5 proposals from our vetted chefs. Its free and there is no commitment, so why not give it a go!
  • Want to get a idea of menus and pricing? Check out our How We Work page and also our Sample Menu page to get a sense of typical pricing and menus
  • Want to know if we serve your area? Please enter your zip code on our registration page and will tell you / not let you proceed if you are not within our service area. As a high level guide, we only serve the following metro areas: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Washington D.C.
  • Want to be a chef on our platform? Click here to find out more and apply
  • Tipping? We have a no expectation tipping policy so that the experience in the home is all about the food.
  • Wanting to gift a private chef experience? We do not offer gift certificates, however, many people use Table at Home to find a chef experience to give as a gift. Just select a potential date up to 3 months out, and mention in your request that it is for a gift and will need the chef to be flexible on the eventual date. Then only chefs comfortable with this will propose.


Anything else, feel free to message us below.

NOTE - We will not reply to messages that clearly relate to one of the 6 points above.

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