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Signature dish:  

Crispy Branzino

About Me

My name is Paul Heiler. I from Philadelphia. I been in the business for 14 years. Cooking generally saved my life. I Literally had no direction after high school. I got a job in one of the best BYOBs in Philadelphia and never looked back. I knew I was going to be a chef after a few years in the business, My chef at Mercato (Mackenzie Hilton) suggested I go to culinary school. I knew to get the most out of school or it would be a waste. After, I excelled in school. I got placed at the 5 diamond hotel Loews. It was a pastry cook job. Pastry is another passion of mine. 6 months into the position, I got promoted to cook 2. From then, I got very confident and decided to move to NY and That’s when I found le cirque. Starting at le cirque, they put me on one of their top stations, Meat entremet. Usually, they promote within, but chef Craig Hopson seen something different in me. It was an eye opening experience. Everyone around me was an extremely talented cook. That really knocked me down to reality. That is when I submerged myself in my craft. Studying, taking tons of notes , YouTube, experimenting, tasting all the food I could. From then until today I try to be better than the next chef. I make sure i absorb everything and as much as I could, I been doing private chef events since 2014. I was mainly a special event chef. Off site caterings, passed food, plated parties up to 300 people. I organized and executed a passed Food event for google in 2013, for 1000 people. My personal style of cooking is New American Cuisine. (NAC) consist of modern techniques and innovating traditional regional foods. The culture of my (NAC) is more contemporary.

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