August 23, 2018
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Want to hire a authentic Fusion Chef in New York? Check out Private Chef Bobby on Table at Home

Private Chef Bobby is the real deal in terms of fusion. He grew up in an Italian restaurant family, learning his chef skills from a young age from his Italian roots family. He now blends this style with the Asian influence from his Chinese wife – cooking with an interesting style that combines Asian and Mediterranean ingredients. Take for example his Grilled Octopus and Sea Scallops pictured.

Bobby really loves his work as a Private Chef, getting the chance to share his original recipes and interpretations of family dishes, and bringing to the table some of his favorite meals from his experience and travel. His passion for good food and entertaining shines through in his meals.
If you want to hire Chef Bobby or any of the other amazing Personal Chefs Table at Home has in New York then put in a request through our site. We make it as easy as 1-2-3 to hire a great private chef. Simply put in a request with your preferences and budget, then within 24 hours you will get 2-5 proposals from our private chefs. You simple choose the one you like and sit back and enjoy! Our pricing is always all inclusive, and all chefs have been vetted, so you know they are good! Table at Home serves New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and Washington D.C.