Pasta Perfection

Focaccia alla Genovese
Bruschetta - Caponata Siciliana

Hand-On Fresh Pasta Making
We will learn how to make fresh pasta & pair with different sauces.

Hand-Made Ricotta Gnocchi
Pesto Sauce
Ragu alla Bolognese
Mushroom Ragu

Fettuccine all' Alfredo di Roma - Authentic Recipe from Trattoria all 'Alfredo (1904)

Tortelli di Zucca - Traditional Emilia-Romagna Tortelli + Butter-Sage Parmigiano Reggiano

Other Infomation

Hi Victoria, this is your Personal Chef Massimo. Check my profile & see what my clients say about my Services. I would love for you to invite me into your Home & cook for you & your Guests. Please review the attached proposal for a fun-filled interactive, hands-on cooking class where your guests can participate & let me know your thoughts about it. I've conducted many cooking classes over the years. If you like it, please accept to firm-up the date. I am here to help & answer all your questions. We are FULLY VACCINATED. I bring my knives and all the groceries necessary to prepare the meal, I use the House pots, pans, kitchen utensils and tableware. We clean all the pots, pans and prep/clean surfaces. Please let me know if you would like a proposal for a sit-down dinner instead.

Hire the Best!
Best Regards,
Chef Massimo.

Meal for 10 on 19 January 2024