Hors d' Oeuvres
Cauliflower Cakes - Romesco
Tomato Bruschetta - Burrata
Caponata Siciliana Crostini - Eggplant Relish

First Course (Please Choose One)
Tuna Crudo - Chilled Yellow Fin Tuna + Smashed Avocado + Ponzu Sauce

Shrimp Cocktail - Steamed Jumbo Shrimp + Cocktail Sauces

Burrata - Creamy Apulian Truffled Mozzarella + Prosciutto di Parma + Blistered Tomatoes + Roasted Squash

Second Course (Please Choose One)
Roasted Potato Soup - Polenta Croutons + Zucchini Cream + Crispy Pancetta

Wedge Salad - Iceberg Lettuce + Tomatoes + Bacon + Blue Cheese + Ranch Dressing

Third Course (Please Choose One)
Herb-Seared Sliced Beef Tenderloin + au Poivre Sauce + Asparagus + Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes + Tomato Provencale

Lobster Tail + Dill Beurre Blanc + Asparagus + Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes + Tomato Provencale

Beef Wellington - Asparagus + Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes + Tomato Provencale + Mushroom Demi-Glace

Rack of Lamb - Herb-Roasted + Asparagus + Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes + Tomato Provencale + Foie Gras Demi-Glace

Striped Bass - Baby Artichokes + Gaeta Olives + Capers + Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes + evoo + Lemon

th Course (Please Choose One)
Banana Foster Bread Pudding + Bourbon Crème Anglaise

Flourless Chocolate Tart - Cherry Compote + Vanilla Creme Anglaise
Other Infomation

Hi Krystle, this is your Personal Chef Massimo, we are very close, I’m based in Amityville. I would love for you to invite me into your Home & cook for you & your Guests. Please review the attached proposal & let me know your thoughts about. If you like it, please accept to firm-up the date. I am here to help & answer all your questions. We are FULLY VACCINATED. I bring my knives and all the groceries necessary to prepare the meal, I use the House pots, pans, kitchen utensils and tableware. We clean all the pots, pans and prep/clean surfaces. Please keep in mind the menu is 100% customizable.
Hire the Best!
Best Regards,
Chef Massimo.

Meal for 14 on 31 December 2023