First Course (Please Choose One)
Tortino di Cavolfiore - Cauliflower Cakes - Romesco Sauce

Burrata - Creamy Apulian Mozzarella + Blistered Cherry Tomatoes + Beet Carpaccio + Roasted Squash + evoo + Basil

Crudo di Tonno - Lightly Seared Yellowfin Tuna + Citrus Salad + Yuzu Vinaigrette

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad - Baby Arugula + Granny Smith Apples + Pickled Red Onion + Candied Pecans + Goat Cheese + Dijon Vinaigrette

Second Course (Please Choose One)
Gnocchi di Ricotta - Made-in-Front-of-Your-Guests Ricotta Dumplings + Pesto Sauce, Bolognese or Mushrooms

Risotto - Jumbo Shrimp + Gorgonzola

Third Course (Please Choose One)
Striped Bass - Pan-Roasted + Sauteed Broccoli-Rabe + Smashed Chickpeas + evoo

Tagliata - Pan-Roasted New York Strip Steak + Parmesan Roasted Parmesan + Sauteed Haricots Vert + Mushroom Demi

th Course (Please Choose One)
Pear-Apple Strudel + Coconut Whipped Cream + Macerated Berries

Chocolate Truffle Mousse - Macerated Berries + Crème Anglaise
Other Infomation

Hi Victoria! This is your Personal Chef Massimo. Check my profile & see what my Clients say about my Services. I would love for you to invite me into your Home & cook for you & your Guests. Please review the attached proposal & let me know your thoughts about it. If you like it, please accept to firm-up the date. I’m here to help & answer all your questions.
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Chef Massimo.

Meal for 15 on 05 March 2021