Brunch family Style

Chicken & Waffles + Elderberry Honey Syrup

Avocado-Peach Toast - Cheddar Cheese

Frittatine - Italian Style Tomato-Cheddar Omelet

Banana Foster Pancakes

Potato O'Brien - Bell Peppers + Onion

Spinach Salad - Bacon + Shallot + Mushrooms + Dijon Dressing

Exotic Fruit Salad - Chili-Lime
Other Infomation

Hi Liza! This is your Personal Chef Massimo. I edited the proposal to reflect your liking & budget. Please review the attached proposal for the Family Style Brunch & let me know your thoughts about. If you like it, please accept to firm-up the date. I’m here to help & answer all your questions.
Hire the Best!
Best Regards,
Chef Massimo.

Meal for 6 on 12 October 2020