- Causa Rellena - Citrus Mashed Potatoes layered with tuna and avocado in a form of a mini casserole

- Ceviche Peruano - Fresh white Fish with Leche de Tigre Marinade, Lettuce Leaves, Yam and Maize

- Lomo Salteado - Traditional Peruvian Beef Stir Fry, with 5oz A5 Imperial Japanese Wagyu and a bed of Steamed Rice and Steak Potatoes

**** TH COURSE ****
- Suspiro A la Limeña - Dessert made of Port Wine, condensed milk, Italian Merengue, and Cinnamon
Other Infomation

My name is Miguel Narvaez. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years through hands on experience in the field, professional internships and University level Culinary School. I would like to mention my internship was at PUJOL in Mexico City which was ranked #1 restaurant in North America and #12 in the world in 2019. I always aim to please through every meal by creating a unique gastronomic experience through every bite.

To begin the feast, classic Peruvian appetizer, Causa rellena, fried mashed potatoes marinated with citrus juice, layered with avocado and tuna, perfect mini bites full of flavor.

Next, is a Cebiche or "Ceviche" This Peruvian variation of fish and citrus is exquisite. Significantly spicier than its Mexican cousin, comes with julianne onions, maize, lettuce and seared yams.

For the main course, Wagyu Stir Fry. The best quality of meat in town with classic Peruvian flavors. Comes with a bed of steamed rice and steak cut potatoes. Rich, earthy and homey main course after a couple of refreshing seafood dishes.

Last but not least, Suspiro a la Limeña. Custard made out of condensed milk, Oporto wine and eggs topped with an Italian Merengue and ground cinnamon. Perfect sweetness combination.

Please feel free to communicate with me any questions or doubts. I am very versatile and can modify all recipes to your delight.

I would like to point out my strong suit is Mexican Cuisine, if you wish I will gladly work a Mexican Themed Menu for the same price, also including Wagyu.

Thank you for your time, consideration and Congratulations!

Meal for 3 on 17 September 2020