First Course: Your choice of 1.) Shrimp tempura “martini” with meyer lemon and chilled cocktail sauce or 2.) Bruschetta with fire roasted tomatoes toasted atop french baguette with fresh basil and maldon salt

Second Course: Your choice of 1.) Rainbow beet salad with micro greens, balsamic reduction, and crushed pistachios or 2.) Baby arugula salad with fig reduction, goat cheese, fresh strawberries, and prosciutto di San Daniele or 3.) Caprese tower with heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, burrata, and basil

Third Course: Your choice of 1.) Meyer lemon and fresh rosemary roasted free range chicken with garlic infused mashed yukon and crispy maple bacon brussels sprouts or 2.) Salmon filet with fresh horseradish cream and black peppercorn served with pearled couscous and roasted asparagus or 3.) Freshly made/sheeted/cut onsite (kiddos can participate!) fettuccine tossed in either butter poached lobster or fresh fennel turkey sausage with a blood orange infused vodka sauce and fresh herbs
Other Infomation

Hello Arne, :)
Happy holidays and I hope this finds you and your family safe and sane during this crazy time! I just love this idea for your daughter. Above, I’ve designed a simpler, flavorful, red meat free menu per your specifications that I’m hoping you will love. Please do not hesitate, however, to reach out with any questions or tweaks and I will get back to you immediately. Thank you for your consideration Arne! I hope I hear from you!

Meal for 5 on 21 December 2020