First Course: Bruschetta with fire roasted heirloom tomatoes toasted atop crusty french bread with sea salt and chiffonade of fresh basil

Second Course: Freshly made, sheeted, and cut (I bring my pasta roller) fettuccine tossed in either a 1.) vodka marinara finished with naval orange and prosciutto di Parma or 2.) carbonara with fresh parmesan, sweet peas, and crispy pancetta

Third Course: Basil panna cotta topped with fresh seasonal berry compote and edible flowers
Other Infomation

Hi Shauna! :)
Thank you for your submission! This is something I do all the time. I make fresh pasta every week and love giving multi-course cooking lessons. Please let me know if this menu sounds good or if you have other ideas. Feel free to reach out any time and I will get right back to you. Hope to hear from you Shauna! Thank you for your consideration.

Meal for 2 on 30 October 2018