First Course: Your choice of a.) fresh thyme and meyer lemon seared jumbo sea scallops atop belgian endive caesar salad with buttery brioche croutons or b.) caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, chiffonade of sweet Italian basil, and fresh edible flowers

Second Course: Your choice of a.) perfectly seared filet mignon (or duck breast) topped with a rich red wine demi glace tossed with fresh blackberries atop loaded yukon mash and roasted asparagus or b.) freshly made, rolled, and cut fettuccine (I bring a pasta roller :)) tossed in a creamy carbonara with crispy pork belly, english peas, and fresh parmesan, topped with a softly poached egg

Bonus Course: Your choice of a.) fresh, warm banana bread tiramisu with whipped mascarpone cream and bruleed bananas or b.) freshly made, rolled, and cut vanilla bean donuts tossed in a blueberry lavender glaze and adorned with fresh edible orchids or c.) Pliable chocolate ganache with sea salt and fresh seasonal berry compote
Other Infomation

Hi Chelsea! :)
I'm Meg. Thank you for your submission! I would love to be the one to create a magnificent, memorable meal for you all. Full disclosure, I have a cooking class scheduled that same evening at 6 pm and they typically run about 2-2 1/2 hours. I understand your requested serve time is 8. I so apologize for not being able to honor this and understand completely if you wish to choose another chef who IS able to honor that time frame. That said, if selected, I can have your meal ready to be served by 9. I will happily prep the day of in advance and honestly have done so on many occasions when I am double or triple booked, as has been the scenario lately, as it is warming up and people are celebrating! All this aside, I understand you will receive other proposals from other chefs who will be able to honor an 8:00 serve time and I certainly understand if you opt to choose one of them. Honestly, this site is so terrific and host to so much talent, so I'm sure you can't go wrong in your selection. Regardless, thank you for your consideration and taking the time to read this note. If interested, please do not hesitate to both browse my reviews/profile and reach out if you have any questions or thoughts about the menu. I'm open to your ideas and want to hear your thoughts! If it is easier for you to text, please feel free; my number is 347-703-3324. That is my cell and I always have it on me. I will get back to you immediately Chelsea. I hope to hear from you soon because I love what I do and I also love meeting new people, but regardless, best of luck! Whether you choose me or not, I hope your dinner is wonderful!

Meal for 2 on 15 May 2018