First Course: Seared sea scallops with meyer lemon and fresh thyme atop crisp beligian endive Caesar salad and buttery brioche croutons

Second Course: Freshly made, rolled, and cut fettucine carbonara with fresh parmesan, crispy seared pork belly, and English peas topped with a softly poached egg

Third Course: Your choice of seared duck breast with red wine demi glace and fresh blackberries or rosemary and red wine braised lamb shank (both served atop your choice of my moAther's recipe loaded mashed Yukon or rosemary roasted fingerlings and white asparagus or sautéed hericots verts)

Fourth Course: A selection of Epoisses, Ubriaco, and Stilton paired with an assortment of toasted almonds, Kalamata olives, fresh apple, figs, and honeycomb

Bonus Course: Freshly made, rolled, and cut vanilla bean donuts tossed in a fresh blueberry lavender glaze and adorned with fresh edible flowers
Other Infomation

I am so so sorry! I just got out of a meeting and received a phone call from the website's creatorr that you had chosen me for your event! Thank you! As I was unable to use my phone in the meeting, I missed out on the two hour window we chefs have to confirm once someone has selected our proposal. As a result, I had to resubmit your menu altogether. Above, I have pieced together what I can remember of your menu (as the original was automatically deleted by the system), but please alert me if anything looks different from before. I think I got everything! Thank you so much and I do so apologize for the inconvenience! I will be glued to the monitor to catch the second time around. :)

Meal for 2 on 18 May 2018