First Course: Caprese salad with fresh heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and sweet organic Italian basil

Second Course: Freshly made, rolled, and cut onsite fettuccine carbonara with maple marinated crispy pork belly and english peas, topped with a softly poached egg

Third Course: Your choice of banana bread tiramisu with whipped mascarpone, Kahlua butter, and bruleed bananas, or freshly made, rolled, and cut vanilla bean donuts tossed in a blueberry lavender glaze and adorned with fresh edible orchids (I am a classically trained pastry chef and will happily write a personalized message in dark chocolate on your boyfriend's plate if you like Erica)
Other Infomation

Hi Erica! :)
I know I'm not the chef you had in mind, but I truly love making fresh pasta. My husband teases that I bring it to places more often that I bring my actual purse. I also immensely enjoy cooking intimate dinners for couples. To boot, my husband is a crispy pork belly enthusiast, so I make it often and would be more than happy to incorporate it into a pasta dish. I'm not sure which dish from which chef you were thinking of, but whatever you are envisioning, I will happily make it happen. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I want to hear all of your ideas and if selected, would love to be the one to help create a magnificent, delicious evening for you both. I really love what I do Erica and so enjoy delivering truly special experiences that are uniquely designed for each client. If it's easier for you text, my cell is 347-703-3324 and I always have it on me. I will get right back to you. Please also feel free to browse my reviews as they are truly a reflection of how much I love my job. Regardless, best of luck in your search and whether or not you select me, I'm sure you can't go wrong as this site is lovely and host to a lot of truly talented chefs. I really hope to hear from you!

Meal for 2 on 17 May 2018