First Course: Your choice of caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and chiffonade of sweet basil or seared fresh sea scallops with lemon and thyme over crispy caesar salad

Second Course: Fresh fettuccine carbonara (from scratch, meaning I will bring my pasta roller and make, sheet, and cut the pasta on site) with fresh parmesan, crispy pancetta, and sweet english peas

Third Course: Seared duck breast with red wine demi glace and fresh blackberries atop fresh rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes and fresh asparagus

Fourth Course: Your choice of fresh banana bread tiramisu with whipped mascarpone, espresso cream, and bruleed bananas or fresh (again from scratch :)) vanilla bean donuts tossed in a fresh blueberry lavender glaze and adorned with edible orchids
Other Infomation

Hello Matt!
Thank you for the invitation to submit a proposal to you! Full disclosure, I have a cooking class scheduled at 5 pm the evening of April 28th. That said, it is a couple's cooking class held in my home and these only run for about two hours. According to the info attached to your menu request, you are located 3 miles away from me. I have been double booked before and it has worked out just fine, as I pride myself in being an extremely organized mobile chef who is very accustomed to bouncing around. :) My concern is being able to honor the timeline you've requested. If you were to select me, I just want to be completely transparent about my schedule and make sure that you would be okay with dinner beginning a bit later than 7. If I were to prep everything in advance, which I am more than happy to do, and leave immediately after my class wraps, then I could arrive at your home, get dinner rolling and have it served by 8:30. I so apologize, as I know that is not 7. Having said this, please know that I would do everything in my power, if chosen, to make it sooner than that Matt. Saturdays are tricky for us chefs. They are always in such high demand! :) All that aside, if you have questions regarding the menu I've proposed, please please do not hesitate to contact me. I have assembled something I think you'll really like based on the desired cuisines you've listed. However, if you have other ideas, please feel free to communicate them to me. as I am open to your ideas and want you to feel excited and fully confident in your menu. If it is easier for you, you are welcome to text me at 347-703-3324. I will respond immediately. I want your business and will do everything I can to make you happy and put your mind at ease regarding your upcoming dinner as my client and priority. Creating magnificent, memorable dining experiences for people is what I love to do. And with that, I'll sign off now that I've left you a War and Peace sized message. My apologies Matt! Regardless, best of luck with your event and with your search! Whether or not it's me, this site is terrific and has loads of talent, so I'm sure you can't go wrong in your selection. :)


Meal for 10 on 28 April 2018