First Course: Organic butter lettuce wraps with marinated lamb, crispy chickpeas, and crème fraiche

Second Course: Freshly made, rolled, and cut garlic noodles with scallions, parmesan, and crispy pork belly

Sides served family style:

Roasted White Asparagus

Sauteed Spinach

Third Course: Dessert (1. fresh blueberry lavender glazed vanilla bean donuts, or banana bread tiramisu with whipped mascarpone and espresso cream, or dark chocolate ganach with sea salt and seasonal berries)
Other Infomation

I apologize! I accidentally deleted my original submission. My shitzu stomped across my lap and I hit the computer. So sorry. I resubmitted what I could remember, but if anything looks off, please let me know and I will make adjustments. Thank you for reaching out and again, I apologize for the inconvenience!

Meal for 8 on 22 April 2018