Course One: Caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, sweet kumato tomatoes, Italian basil

Course Two: Freshly handmade fettuccine carbonara with crispy pancetta and English peas

Course Third: Seared duck breast with madeira sauce over roasted asparagus

Course Four: Your choice of: Banana bread tiramisu with espresso cream, bruleed bananas, and whipped mascarpone, fresh vanilla bean mini donuts with fresh blueberry lavender glaze and lemon creme fraiche, or dark chocolate sea salt ganache with fresh seasonal berry compote
Other Infomation

Hi Michael,
First and foremost, congratulations on your newest addition. That is wonderful. I read your proposal and was really touched. The lucky wife of a sweet husband myself, I so appreciate when spouses do out-of-the-box things for one another to show their appreciation. I would love to help you make this a memorable and delicious evening for you and your wife. My only caveat is that I am teaching a cooking lesson prior to this and would not be able to make it over to you until 8:30. That said, I will GLADLY spend the day prepping everything in advance so that all I would need to do is plate everything and cook your protein on site. This would enable me to serve you a four course dinner promptly at 9:00. I completely understand if this is just too late, as your request specified 8:30 as your serve time. I just couldn't resist sending you a proposal because I love that you thought to do this for your wife. Also, if you like, I will happily write a personalized note to her from you in chocolate on her dessert plate. Just a thought. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions Michael and I will get back to you immediately. I hope to hear from you, but best of luck if I don't, and again, congratulations to you and your family!

Meal for 2 on 09 March 2018