Small Plate Style Appetizers
Arancini - Creamy Arborio Rice Fritters + Cacio e Pepe Sauce (V)
Caponata - Traditional Eggplant Relish + Crostini (V)

Fresh Pasta Making
We will learn how to make fresh pasta & pair with different sauces.

Hand-Made Ricotta Gnocchi - Bolognese Sauce, Pesto Sauce & Vegetable Ragu (V)
Pansoti alla Salsa di Noci - Traditional Ligurian Swiss Chard & Ricotta Tortelloni + Walnut Sauce (V)
Tortelli di Zucca - Famous Stuffed pasta from Mantova, Italy + Butter + Sage + Parmigiano Reggiano (V)
Fettuccine - THE REAL Alfredo di Roma 1908
Other Infomation

Hi Mary Gay!. I edited the proposal based on your preferences. Please go ahead and accept the proposal to firm up the date.

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Meal for 6 on 30 December 2020