Homemade Hummus with crudites

Salad Shirazi, Salad Olivieh or Greek Salad

Iranian herb fritters with tahini or Kibe

Mixed koftas and meats (lamb chops, sirloin barg and beef-kubideh and lamb kofta) and with cucumber sauce

Baharat roasted and smoked cauliflower, pomegranate cauliflower couscous, tahini dressing

Chicken musakhan - chicken with cumin, sumac, cinnamon and allspice, accompanied with fried onions and pine nuts

choice or rice : Steamed white basmati rice with saffron
Polo Baghali (Basmati rice with dill and fava beans)
Polo Adas (Basmati rice with lentils and raisins)

Other Infomation

Dear Ali,

I am originally from Moscow, and relocated to New York at a young age. While in NYC, I worked under Daniel Bouloud and later moved to Paris, where I lived in Julia Child's apartment and learned the French way of living !!!!
Always inspired by Japan, I headed to Tokyo where I worked with Zaiyu Hasegawa at DEN, a two Michelin star restaurant which was named TOP 50 Best Restaurants in Asia. My biggest mentor was Pascal Aussignac, who I had the pleasure of working with in his Michelin star restaurant Club Gascon in London.

-Persian food is one of my favorites! - I was blessed to eat and cook with many Iranian friends in LA and favorite Persian restaurant in NYC is Persepolis on UES!

I am extremely passionate about quality on all levels and work to ensure that all the elements within the event are as perfect as possible. As we are amidst the COVID, therefore, safety is my number one priority. I have quarantined since March and always wear mask and gloves. I always use seasonal ingredients (farmers markets, trusted butchers like Ottomanelli Brothers and fishmongers like Citarella, Chelsea Market and Dorian's). I will make sure your dinner will be extra special.! Please feel free to ask to modify the menu or shoot me a message so we can work around it. I promise you, you will be happy! Looking forward to cooking for you!

Meal for 4 on 08 July 2020