Seafood Chowder
Fresh Prince Edward Island Mussels, Clams, Argentinian Shrimp and Cod in a spicy Tomato Saffron Broth

French Bread

Whole Bronzino &
Bok Choy
Whole Fish is stuffed with Crab & Oyster Stuffing sealed in foil or parchment & topped with Scallion Ginger Sauce served with sauteed Bok Choy & Sticky Black Coconut Rice
Other Infomation

Good afternoon: Most Sea Bass is now frozen. But, we still have the popular Bronzino around. I am a seasoned travel chef currently moonlighting in the DMV. My reviews on TAH are stellar. I unfortunately do not have pictures of this proposed menu. I can assure you that I have prepared this meal in the past. We would have 3 or 4 whole fish depending on size at the time of purchase. For now, I will attach some pictures of my work locally. Please see my profile for my rockstar reviews. My mind is open to any suggestions you may have. Cheers, Michelle

Meal for 6 on 13 October 2018