Two Apps, One Entree, One dessert

Vegetarian entree options:

Vegan fish w/ chimi churi sauce, yellow rice & refried black beans garnished w/ crispy plantain chips

Vegetarian chilli w/ roasted butternut squash & a eggplant rattatoulli wellington pastry

Tofu w/ vegetable jumbalaya

Vegetable curry w/ sweet potato & spinach


Roasted honey garlic cauliflower served over sweet potato purée & garnished w/ crispy fried onions strips

Carmelized brussels
Carmelized Brussel sprouts drizzled w/ balsamic glaze topped w/ pomegranate seeds & crispy Brussel skins

Fig & mozzarella salad
Fig salad w/ mozzarella & proscuitto

Arugula Pear Salad
Arugula, fresh crisp pears, lemon vinaigrette, parmesan cheese & slivered almonds

Spiced Sweet Potato
Pureed sweet potato soup spiced w/ brown sugar cinnamon & nutmeg

Coconut curry shrimp
Crispy panko fried Coconut curry marinated shrimp served w/ a sweet chili sauce & a bed of arugula

Pulled pork, chicken or beef tostones served over black bean puree garnished w/ salsa, fresh cilantro & crema

Shrimp Tostada
Grilled shrimp, chipotle aioli & mango salsa served on a crispy tostada shell w/ guacamole


Island Shrimp
Sauteed shrimp with coconut jasmine rice pilaf, pineapple grapefruit salsa & passionfruit coulis

Shrimp Alambre Skewers
Served w/ cilantro rice pilaf and yellow tomato & watermelon Pico de Gallo

Glazed Citrus Chicken
Glazed citrus chicken breast w/ a citrus wine reduction & sautéed bok choy

Chicken & shrimp paella made w/ saffron chorizo rice

Tender slow cooked bbq beef w/ spanish rice, pinto beans & tortillas

Chimi Churri Steak
Flank Steak w/ chimi churi sauce, yellow rice & refried black beans garnished w/ crispy plantain chips

Pork Chops
Pork chops served with mango chutney & a side of asparagus

Lamb chops
Served with truffle mashed potatoes & pomegranate coulis


Cinnamon sugar churros w/ chocolate sauce

Banana Cajeta Crepes
Carmelized bananas wrapped in a crepe served w/ Mexican cajeta sauce & roasted nuts

Coconut Flan
Creamy coconut custard w/ whipped cream & fresh mint

Mini Crème brûlée
Light & refreshing vanilla bean custard w/ a caramelized sugar crust & a side of fruit salsa
Other Infomation

Hi Jamie! Thanks for your request, I would love to be your chef for this evening. Sorry if I over loaded you with menu options, carribean & latin are my two favorite cuisines & I got a little excited when creating your menu, haha. I am familiar with various cuisines, if you are interested in other options let me know. Mostly likely anything is possible.

For the vegetarian dish you may select an option from the menu and I can give more options.

Meal for 16 on 30 March 2019