Lamb meatballs with a tzatziki sauce
Feta mousse with pear and prosciutto
Sweet potato pancakes with a goat cheese crema and pomegranate
Garlic and rosemary shrimp skewers
Zatar spiced flatbread with a fava bean spread
Falafel with tahini sauce
Persian frittata


scallion pancake bites
avocado vegetable sushi rolls
beef & scallion sesame rolls
Sesame chicken sliders
Japanese rolled omelette
short rib and green onion dumplings
Sticky rice balls with sliced salmon and a miso honey glaze
Tofu bao buns
Other Infomation

Hi Ezra! I'm Tova I have a lot experience doing passed hor'derves from my experience catering weddings I used to be in charge of the canapes for the events at Aldor Mansion in Westchester and canapes are one of my favorite things to make. I gave you two selections. One is Japanese, its the most popular passed hor'derve menu that I do and the other one is a middle eastern which is inspired by my Persian heritage (it even has my mom's famous lamb meatball recipe) I hope you find it to you liking and if you have any questions or want any changes please don't hesitate to message me!

Meal for 10 on 31 December 2018