Fish kebabs
saffron rice
Caramelized onion and lentils
halibut with a spiced eggplant sauce, cauliflower and roasted radishes
pomegranate tomato salad
Roasted Eggplant with chili
crispy garlic and a black garlic sauce
mustard and cumin spiced green bean and red peppers
Spicy roasted zucchini and pomegranate
Other Infomation

Hi I’m Tova Sterling I’m a private chef in nyc I’m half Persian half Israel so a lot of my cooking is influenced by the Mediterranean and Middle East. You can choose as many options above as you would like or if there were other dishes I didn’t include that you’d like to learn just let me know so I can include them (desserts, vegetable dishes etc.) I love teaching cooking lessons and would love to work with you!

Meal for 6 on 04 January 2020