For Starters
Tortilla chips with Guacamole, Roasted Salsa, and Cheese dip

Appetizer – Trio of Tacos
Chorizo – Adobo sauce, rice, onion, pickled onion (mushroom or pork) flour tortilla
Nopal – watercress, onion, Queso Fresco, and salsa verde (rutabaga or chicken) Nopal tortilla
Barbacoa – Cilantro lime slaw (smoked black beans or beef) corn tortilla

Chili and coffee rubbed Duck Breast (or Hearts of Palm) with marron mole

Tres Leches cake with white chocolate shavings
Other Infomation

Good evening,

I am excited to present a modern take on a Mexican inspired menu. The menu is vegetarian friendly and can be easily executed to avoid cheese for any guest(s). For the tacos I will make each of the tortillas by hand and present them in an upscale way that will not disappoint. Additionally, all meats will be sourced from local sources. I look forward to working with you.

Meal for 7 on 28 December 2018