From the Garden

Boston Bib Lettuce, sliced heirloom tomatoes, red onion
Mozzarella, Feta Cheese,
Pickled tri-color peppers, chopped mango and dressing

French Basket,
Croissants, apple tarts, key lime, mini quiches

Bruschetta board of avocado crostini’s

And one choice of

Scottish Salmon Board
Served with vine ripe tomatoes, red onions, capers, mini bagels, gourmet blended Creme cheeses


Grilled meat board

Thin sliced pork tenderloin
Fig and onion jam
Roasted veggies and potatoes


Chilled Poached Shrimp
Served with Cocktail sauce
Other Infomation

Dear Client,

I graduated at Jonhson & Wales University, N. Miami Campus. After that went on as apprentice with Chef Michael Troisgois in Roanee/ South France. Where I learnt that quality of ingredients plays as much important roll to produce a delicious and nourishing food. Returning to US, I’ve spent several years working for renowned CEO, and famous celebrities in CA, NC, and NY.
Recently returned to South Florida, my most favorite place to live.
Please press the button to contact me and discuss the menu suggestion or adjust it to your desire.
Looking forward to cook a memorable food at your place.

Chef Reni

Meal for 15 on 29 August 2021