~Cocktail Hour~
Charcuterie Board
~salumi, coppa, truffle pecorino, camembert, truffle honey, mustard, giardiniera, focaccia

~1st Cousre~
Handmade Cavatelli & Clam
~pancetta, herbs, chili, bread crumb
Handmade Cavatelli & Oxtail Sugo
~tomato, herbs, house made whipped ricotta
Handmade Cavatelli & Roasted Squash
~lemon, sicilian olive, house made whipped ricotta

~2nd Course~
Pan Roasted Tile
~white been sofrito, roasted italian chili, salsa verde
Pork Scallopini Piccata Style
~prosciutto di parma, caper, white wine, butter, lemon
Roasted Lamb Loin
~thyme jus
Mushroom Fricassee
~roasted oyster mushroom, fennel, pecorino

~Accompanied with~
Charred Rapini
~garlic, chili, evoo
Semolina Gnocchi (smiler to polenta)
~pecorino, egg yolk, herbs

~3rd Course~
Buttermilk Panna Cotta
~stewed cherries, almond crumble
~espresso reduction
Other Infomation

Little About Chef Zach Orsini:
I am a local chef born and raised in Miami. I have been on the fine dining scene for over 15 years. I have worked under claimed chefs such as Thomas Keller and Mark Milltello just to name a few. I like to put a unique takes on Florida cuisine by using the produce and the diverse cultures of South Florida.
When putting together this menu I thought Italian fair is what do best I love making pasta from scratch and Sourcing great ingredients. For the fish and cheeses there maybe change slightly. If you have any questions or would like to change anything feel free to message me through the site. Hope to see you soon.

Also I am a new chef to this platform so not all my photos will match to the menu. I have executed all these items before in the past, I just don’t have this particular arrangement of dishes in my photo library. But I add some different pictures of my dishes that I have created in the past that are similar to this menu. Along with my profile pics you should have a good idea of my style and what you are getting.
Thank You for your time.

Meal for 15 on 19 October 2021