~1 Course~
Shrimp Dim Sum:
-sweet soy, chili, sesame, lemongrass, scallions
-citrus ponzu
Local Wahoo Poke
-cucumber, soy-oyster mustard, chili, cilantro

~2 Course~
Nori Cured Cobia Sashimi & Uhi
-yuzu, green chili, black lava salt, shiso
Cured Spiny Lobster Sashimi & Uhi
-yuzu, truffle oil, chili, cilantro

~3 Course~
Sear Local Tuna
-green mango slaw, soy,
cilantro, peanut, chili aïoli, lime/chili
-nuoc cham
Sear Local Tuna or Tuna Sashimi
-sesame/scallion/nori sushi rice, brown-butter soy, avocado-edamame mash served chilled

~4 Course~
Roasted Monk Fish and Shrimp
-soy, ginger, fish sauce
Local Golden Tile (Korean Hot Pot)
-kimchi, sprouts, rice noodle, daikon pork/beef broth

-sesame/scallion/nori sushi rice
-nuoc cham
Other Infomation

A Little About Chef Zach Orsini:
I am a local chef born and raised in Miami. I have been on the fine dining scene for over 15 years. I have worked under claimed chefs such as Thomas Keller and Mark Milltello just to name a few. I like to put a unique takes on Florida cuisine by using the produce and the diverse cultures of South Florida.
And when putting this menu together obviously I did not I have sushi throughout. I did not make sushi I feel that it is great to have an idea how to make something like sushi but to me it involves some mastery. And I feel more comfortable with delivering great Japanese ingredients, styles and beautifully executed dishes. I’m super excited to be putting this menu together for you I hope you give me a chance.
I also put together two really nice sashimi and Uni urchin is actually one of my favorite seafood ingredients I don’t get to play with it very much so when I get a chance I am you have any questions or would like to change anything feel free to message me through the site.
Also I am a new chef to this platform so not all my photos will match up to the menu. I have executed all these items before in the past, I just don’t have this particular arrangement of dishes in my photo library. But I add some different pictures of my dishes that I have created in the past that are similar to this menu. Along with my profile pics you should have a good idea of my style and what you are getting.
Thank You for your time.

Meal for 2 on 26 June 2021