~1 Course~
Shrimp Dim Sum:
-sweet soy, chili, sesame, lemongrass, scallions
-citrus ponzu

~2 Course~
Sear Tuna
-green mango slaw, soy,
cilantro, peanut
-chili aioli

~3 Course~
Beef Pho
-braised oxtail/tendon,
shaved sirloin
-rice noodle
-bean spouts
-fresh herbs
-nuoc cham

~4 Course~
Charred Ribeye
-soy, ginger, fish sauce
-cucumber salad
-sesame/scallion rice
-nuoc cham
Other Infomation

So since I am adding the pho I think the grouper dish with its broth will be unnecessary. I can accommodate the two pregnant ladies by making a few extra dim sum with chicken or beef for the 1st course and for the 2nd course I can create a salad similar to the tuna dish. Also I’m using fish sauce that is a classic Vietnamese ingredient that is not like regular seafood or fish, this item is something that the 2 pregnant ladies can probably have due to the processing and pasteurization of this for the addition course I will like to charge $825 if this is suitable with you. Please let me know if this changes work for you. And thank you again for being patient with this process, I am very much looking forward to cook you and friends on this special night.

Meal for 6 on 08 July 2021