Morning Cocktail & Drink:
-Arnold Palmer
.sweet tea, lemonade
booze ~or~ sweet

Sweet & Savory Bread:
(Pick 1)
-Cheddar Biscuits
.apple butter
-Banana Bread
.whipped maple butter
-Lemon Poppyseed Muffin

Breakfast Classics:
-Scrambled Eggs
.crème fraîche, chive
-Breakfast Sausage Patties
-Skillet Potato
.bell pepper, green onion, cheddar

Lunch Delights:
(Pick 1)
-Whole Baked Salmon
.dill, lemon, caper
-Roasted Picanaha (sirloin cap)
-Roasted Pork Loin
-Roasted Chicken
.thyme jus

Lunch Accompaniment:
Cold: Pick 1
.quinoa tabbouleh
.tomato, cucumber, feta salad
Hot: Pick 1
.asparagus hollandaise
.roasted baby potato

Sweet Ending:
(Pick 1)
-Crepe Suzette
.stone fruit, brown sugar, orange liqueur
-Coconut Zabaglione
.strawberry, blackberries

Other Infomation

A Little About Chef Zach Orsini:
I am a local chef born and raised in Miami. I have been on the fine dining scene for over 15 years. I have worked under claimed chefs such as Thomas Keller and Mark Milltello just to name a few. I like to put a unique takes on Florida cuisine by using the produce and the diverse cultures of South Florida.
I am very excited to be a part of this special day with you and your family the menu that I put together is simple but try to keep some classics and some new things I would say the style would be somewhere between Italian and modern American. I can modify these items for the children if you like it is very easy to add or take away. If you have any questions or would like to change anything feel free to message me through the site.
Also I am a new chef to this platform so not all my photos will match up to the menu. I have executed all these items before in the past, I just don’t have this particular arrangement of dishes in my photo library. But I add some different pictures of my dishes that I have created in the past that are similar to this menu. Along with my profile pics you should have a good idea of my style and what you are getting.
Thank You for your time.

Meal for 10 on 09 May 2021