Charcuterie Board:
(pinot noir)
-house country pate, coppa,
brie (moses sleeper), local honey, gound mustard, giardiniera

Frisée Lardon (frisée/ bacon/ salad):
(sauvignon blanc)
-poach egg, chive, mustard vinaigrette

Pan Roasted Scallop:
-oxtail-ragu, wild mushroom, mustard greens, boniato purée (oxtail can be mushroom)

Local Pan Roasted Cobia:
(pinot grigio)
-white been sofrito, greens,
shishito pepper relish,
white anchovy

Chocolate Soufflé
-pear*cognac ice cream
Other Infomation

Little About Chef Zach Orsini:
I am a local chef born and raised in Miami. I have been on the fine dining scene for over 15 years. I have worked under claimed chefs such as Thomas Keller and Mark Milltello just to name a few. I like to put a unique takes on Florida cuisine by using the produce and the diverse cultures of South Florida. As for the my thoughts when I was putting together this menu were. Simple imported Italian ingredients with a Spanish influence.
If you have any questions or would like to change anything feel free to message me through the site. Hope to see you soon.

Also I am a new chef to this platform so not all my photos will match up to the menu. I have executed all these items before in the past, I just don’t have this particular arrangement of dishes in my photo library. But I add some different pictures of my dishes that I have created in the past that are similar to this menu. Along with my profile pics you should have a good idea of my style and what you are getting.
Thank You for your time.

Meal for 4 on 24 April 2021