Oxtail mac n cheese, black trumpet mushrooms

Jerk chicken, sweet mango sauce, coconut rice, fried plantains caramelized and cooked in oxtail jus, pickled chilis

Caribbean style fish and chips, cajun red snapper, pineapple salsa, crispy plantains, creole tartar sauce

Cassava pone, maple glaze

Other Infomation

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need any changes done to the menu or if you have any questions. I am open to ideas so please feel free. Also a little background I come from high end dining I used to work for a Michelin star restaurant and I also like to travel and use new ingredients and techniques in my cooking. I am rustic chef with a modern twist and I like to make sure the flavors and dishes tell a story when I cook. The platings will be elegant and filled with flavor. I added a dessert to your menu to make it 4 courses instead of 3 but the dishes wont be too over filling so you will have room for dessert.

Meal for 3 on 24 April 2021