Plated appetizer

Grilled cheese square
Tomato soup shot

Can do most any type of bread and cheese for sandwich
Simple white bread American cheese or a little more eclectic like 7 grain and Brie
Cuban bread and manchego

Plated entree

Veal Milanese
Can do a number of things with the veal

Tricolor salad w shaved fennel, arugula radicchio, endive, Parmesan


Potato gnocchi, brown butter sage, spinach


Brussel sprout Caesar red pepper coulis

Plated dessert
Choice of

Warm flourless chocolate cake, raspberry sauce, whipped cream


Wild berry shortcake


Lemon cheesecake, graham cracker crust

Other Infomation

Hi Randi
My name is Ken Falk
I have been a private chef for over 15 years. I have worked in homes in NY, Palm beach, Miami and Aspen.

I listed a few ideas of what you’re looking for and happy to work with you on what you want menu wise.
As mentioned can do a simple grilled cheese with tomato soup shot
Could also do a somewhat larger portion like 1/2 a sandwich and cup of tomato soup

For the veal willing to discuss and make whatever sides you’re looking for in addition to how you’d want the veal cooked.
Open to suggestions on dessert as well.
My price would also include bringing a server to help make the double birthday party a huge success.
Feel free to reach out to discuss further

Meal for 13 on 15 May 2021