40th Birthday Dinner for Sahar & Wife
All ingredients will be organic wherever possible

FIRST COURSE (Choose one for the table)
Chorizo-stuffed medjool dates
Served with piquillo-tomato sauce, wrapped in bacon

Risotto alla Zafferano
Saffron-infused carnaroli risotto, bone marrow

Prime New York Strip Steak
Hand-ground rosemary-salt seasoned
Mixed Greens salad with apricot-Dijon vinaigrette

Moulard Duck Breast Medallions
Ginger-garlic sauce
Seaweed-spaghetti salad

Chocolate Fondant Brownie
Lava-center, Mascarpone & Berries gelato
Dulce de leche sauce

Lemon Crepes
Zest & Juice of lemon, sugar, fresh raspberries, basil

Other Infomation

Hi Sahar,
My name is Henry Lebard and I would be delighted to prepare a lovely meal for you and your wife to celebrate a special 40th birthday. Thank you for your invitation to submit a proposal.
I have proposed a menu without any seafood, and will be sure I do not prepare any cooked vegetables as per request (unless there are exceptions; root vegetables, carrots, onions, potato etc).
I want to make sure this event goes exactly how you would like, so I welcome any and all requests or ideas you may have. Even after confirmation, we can make any changes to the menu, booking date and time, as well as anything else you might like.

Please send a reply message below with any questions or thoughts you have.
Very best,
Henry Lebard

Meal for 2 on 22 December 2020