50th Anniversary Dinner for Mandy's Parents
All ingredients will be Organic wherever possible

First Course
Mixed greens Salad
Toasted walnuts and fresh raspberries
Apricot-dijon vinaigrette

Second Course
French Onion Soup
Beef broth, gruyere, baguette, onion
For Mandy will attempt to make this gluten free

Third Course
Filet Mignon au Jus
Creamed Broccoli and roasted Cajun potatoes
(Although I would also suggest prime Ribeye)

Mousse ai Tre Cioccolati - Triple Chocolate Mousse
Layers of dark, milk, and white mousse above a flourless chocolate marquise
Callebaut & Guittard chocolate, whipped cream mousse


Twisted Tiramisu
Vanilla Coganic and espresso-infused lady fingers,
Mascarpone creme, cacao dusting


New York Style Cheesecake
Vanilla and citrus Infusion
Strawberry sauce
Other Infomation

Hi Mandy,
I've edited the menu to reflect the " American bistro" style menu we messaged about.
(I've temporarily edited the menu to reflect that there will be no seafood or eggplant! :) )
My name is Henry Lebard and I would be delighted to prepare a very special private dining experience for the of you to celebrate your parents' incredible 50th wedding anniversary. I've suggested a menu based on an Italian theme with a few international themes mixed in, although we can keep it purely Italian if you would like! At any point throughout the process (before and after booking, should you decide to choose my services) we can make changes to the menu if you would like. :)

I take pride in preparing Italian dishes in their most traditional method, and occasionally yet rarely with a modern gourmet flare. My ingredient sourcing is similarly very important to me. Most herbs that I use (parsley, rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, oregano, and more!) come from my garden, and when in season I use lettuces and microgreens from my raised beds. Additionally I use only Organic ingredients wherever possible to ensure high quality, taste, and that the food is free from unneeded fillers and preservatives. This allows all dishes to shine in the way they were meant to.

The first course is a classic Caprese with heirloom tomatoes and buffalo milk mozzarella. It screams fresh and is a fabulous way to start the supper. With it I pair Western Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and a pure balsamic vinegar reduction (that I reduce myself).

The second course is a Roman classic that is less stereotypical and ought to be known as well as any Italian dish - Cacio e Pepe. It highlights the beautiful creamy mixture of Pecorino Romano, toasted crushed peppercorns, and a kiss of Parmigiano Reggiano along with a nest of pasta that allows for the sauce to take hold. I tend to use bucatini, tonnarelli, or spaghetti alla chitarra.

The third course options are made with the most love, an 'Eggplant Parmesan' with multiple layers of sauteed-then-roasted eggplant, ragu, parmigiano reggiano, mozzarella, basil, and more. It is essentially a lasagna of eggplant, instead of pasta, for those who have never had it. If you would prefer a protein-based dish, I would suggest the Octopus meatballs, a creation inspired by -Michelin-star chef Gennaro Esposito of Naples, Italy. For something more tame, I would suggest an oregano-infused sauteed Trota (Rainbow trout) with crisped onions and carrots. It is equally appetizing despite its more docile production.

For dessert I have suggested a Mousse ai Tre Cioccolati - a Triple Chocolate layered Mousse. This too is inspired by an Italian chef, this one - Ernst Knam. This is the most popular item at his pasticceria in Milan. It combines layeres of dark, milk, and white chocolate mousses above a flourless marquise. It is delicate yet rich, sophisticated yet comforting, and is something to remember. I use Callebaut and Guittard melted chocolates, egg, and Organic cream to make the mousse.

Another option would be a Twisted Tiramisu. This is a Vanilla Cognac and espresso-infused Italian classic, served in individual glasses.

I have noted these options on the menu, and welcome all requests!

Anyhow, should you decide to choose my services, I will make this evening a very special one - and deservedly so - for your parents and you all. Please feel free to send me a message reply below with any questions, requests, or ideas. I want to make this as catered to your tastes as possible. I've done my best to illustrate the options I have suggested with some photos below. :)

Very best,
Henry Lebard

Meal for 9 on 24 October 2020