All Ingredients will be Organic where possible

Avocado Toast with choice of toppings
French Toast - DF and GF available
Arepa with smoked salmon and poached eggs (GF & DF)
Classic French Omelette with cheese, onions, chives & parsley (can be made DF & GF)

Sausage Rolls
British pub classic, homemade stuffing in a puff pastry (can be DF and GF)

GF & DF Mini-Belgian waffles
Standard toppings of fruit, maple syrup, whipped cream and others by request

Fruit smoothies -- classic mix of mango juice, strawberry, & bananas recommended -- chia and supergreens optional

Children can request whatever they or the parents would like them to eat :)

DF = Dairy Free
GF = Gluten Free
Other Infomation

Hi Rob, (similar to before but slightly updated menu and price based on edit of your request)
Once we decide on the menu items we can confirm book, if you like. At that point your phone number is shared with me and we can set up a phone call to discuss anything and everything.

Welcome to the area!
My name is Henry Lebard and I'd be delighted to prepare a special brunch for you all. I'll be sure to pay special attention to your child who is gluten-free, and your guest who is dairy free. This will be quite easy for me since my wife is gluten free, and I am dairy and soy-free - I have many awesome recipes that I have come up with.
The menu I've proposed is up for requests, replacements, and ideas. If you would like to consider dishes with less of a 'brunch or breakfast' feel, please let me know! :) I want to make sure the food is structured toward you and your guests. If you have any questions, thoughts, or otherwise please feel free to send me a reply message below.
very best,
Henry Lebard

Meal for 8 on 23 August 2020