First Course
Salmon Gravlax Salad
Atlantic Salmon cured in citrus zest, beetroot, dill sugar & salt, served with Chef's garden butterhead lettuce and microgreens, Apricot-Dijon vinaigrette, olive tuile

Second Course
Seafood Paella
Callasparra rice, mirepoix and saffron-paprika base, garlic infused shrimp, crab, and fish, soccarrat, dusted with Italian parsley.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
Three layers of Callebaut and Guittard Chocolate melted into mousse, chocolate marquise base, chocolate shavings
Other Infomation

Hi Simone, Here is the updated proposal! Thank you so much for messaging with me today. I'm very excited about this and I can promise you that I will make this stress-free, elegant, relaxing, and fun for the three of you! Please let me know if there are any tweaks you would like to make, although we can talk about that on the phone as well! I've updated the price and photographs to reflect the change in menu items (salmon gravlax, crab & shrimp paella, and triple chocolate mousse). The total is the grand total and there will be absolutely no other costs. The Paella will likely have leftovers, as well as the cake! Press the message button or confirm button whenever you are ready and our contact information will be sent. After that, I'll send you a message asking when a good time to have a phone call is, during which we can discuss everything from start to finish.
As far as wine goes, if your fiancee likes sweet wine, I would recommend a Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling, or a Sweet Lucy Moscato or Sweet Lucy Pino Grigiot. These are all white wines. If you're more comfortable with Champagne, that's great too!

Very much looking forward,

Meal for 3 on 04 June 2020