All items will be made using organic ingredients where available
Sausage rolls - Minced pork meat with onions and parsley inside pastry cooked golden brown, hand-rolled - a British pub delicacy.

Second Plate
Chef's Take on Caprese Salad - Tomato, mozzarella di bufala, basil, rustic tostada

Prime Rib - Garlic-rosemary & red wine gravy, crispy roasted root vegetables.

Chocolate Mousse Cake - Layers of chocolate Sponge Cake & chilled triplet of chocolate mousses
Other Infomation

Hi Matt,

As an update - this proposal is for 6 guests, instead of the original 8. Regarding any government mandates or personal changes due to the virus situation I imagine we'll all use caution, respect, and common sense and communicate with the other.
Based on the request for Caprese Salad, and a Chocolate Cake, I have come to certain recipes and recalculated the grocery list which is why the quote is now $728. I have created an estimated excel sheet based on prices online, and am happy to share this with you.
The particularly more costly changes are for the buffalo mozzarella, organic heirloom tomatoes and baking chocolate required.
Given the current situation, I will do my best to get organic ingredients since I know that is something you want, however I cannot guarantee availability. I will certainly check at various grocery stores and online to try to make this happen.

Please let me know if you have any more thoughts, Matt. I'll be ready to be in constant contact with you throughout the process should any requests or changes be made. Once you confirm the reservation I would like to have a quick phone call with you so that we can clarify any questions the other might have for the party.

Meal for 6 on 04 April 2020