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Signature dish:  

Spanish Paella

About Me

Hi, my name is Henry Lebard! I started out experimenting with food alone at home at the age of 11 – making mistakes and trying new things every afternoon, then cooking for my mother’s World Bank parties. At age 20, I started working as a sous-chef in a three-chef kitchen in an upscale boutique restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Then I started teaching cooking classes to Elementary students here in the DMV, which was energizing and rounded out my passion. These experiences have formed within me a confidence; an attention to detail, ingredients-sourcing, and experimentation in the kitchen. Try me out as a chef or a cooking instructor, you will remember every bite of food and the entire experience will be lovely.
Using uniquely sourced ingredients, I am experienced in cooking for a range of diets from a standard healthy diet, to gluten free, vegan, soy-free, paleo, and more. Recently I perfected my handmade gluten free fresh tagliatelle.
SUMMARY: Having catered for parties of 50+ guests, cooked in a boutique locally sourced urban bistro in Vancouver, taught cooking classes to children, and sought out precision and perfection every time I use a knife and a flame, you will be more than satisfied.
Feel free to reach out for day-to-day requests, large parties, cooking lessons and more!
I am flexible and ready to accommodate your every culinary desire. I look very much forward to hearing from you with questions, suggestions, and more!

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Reviews (1)

  • Henry was exceptional from start to finish. He was extremely professional yet fun. The service was immaculate as far as timing and cleanup. The food was absolutely incredible. His seafood paella and tiramisu were divine. If you're hoping for a great overall experience, Henry is the chef you are looking for.

    • Worked on March 18, 2020