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  • Mediterranean
  • Modern American

Signature dish:  

Salmon Tartare with Avocado

About Me

I’ve loved cooking since I was young while helping my dad making dinners. However when I got to college is when I truly fell in love with food. Through my many years in school for business as well as my first year out of college, I spent my time as a cook. The restaurants I worked at ranged from casual to fine dining. To me, food is more than just something to bring sustenance, it’s the ability to literally give someone happiness. Food isn’t just a passion for me, my wife jokes that food is my Religion. The reason I’m here is simple, though I have been out of the restaurant industry for many years, I still want nothing more than to cook amazing food and really give someone an experience with food they’ll never forget.
Influences: Morimoto, Ramsay, Keller, Achatz

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Reviews (1)

  • I booked Cody through the site for my wife and I (Valentines Day) and we both had an amazing experience. Cody clearly put a lot of pre-planning and consideration into the menu before arriving and it was great to have him explain how he was mixing the various taste profiles to complement each other on the plate and watch him cook using various methods that we either aren't aware of or haven't tried yet ourselves. The food itself tasted incredible and we were both sad when we eventually finished each plate - the sign of an exceptional meal!! Would highly recommend.

    • Worked on February 6, 2018