• Private Chef Kayla New York incl CT and NJ
  • Asian
  • Fusion
  • Mediterranean
  • Mexican
  • Modern American

Signature dish:  

Soups from homemade stocks

About Me

Hi there! I come to you with twelve years professional experience in a wide range of settings: I’ve cooked privately for families, children, seniors, folks with chronic illness, and even was the head chef at a top university sorority! A California native, I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible flavors, cooking styles and high-caliber ingredients that pepper the San Francisco and Napa Valley areas. I’ve catered events for the Silicon Valley and Hamptons elite, as well as for every-day busy families needing delicious home-cooked meals. I also have extensive experience accommodating specialty diets such as keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, whole 30, and the like.
I’m passionate about from-scratch cooking, wholesome and healthy food that tastes great. I have an extremely wide range and love using flavors and traditional recipes from around the globe, especially Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean and Near East, Central America and Mexico. I also love comfort food and Modern American (and of course, California cuisine!) Can’t wait to whip up something delicious just for you!

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