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    • Passionate amateur
  • Asian
  • French
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  • Italian
  • Mediterranean
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
  • Modern American
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Signature dish:  

Grilled Pork Chops

About Me

My passion for cooking began when I was a teenager and has only strengthened over the last ten years. From a variety of hors d’oeuvres to smoked meats to vegan treats, all those years of experience have taught me many styles of cooking and hosting.
There are many ways I’ll be able to personalize your Table at Home experience. I’m happy to discuss gluten free, vegan, low sodium, etc. alternatives for meals that you need or want in order to feel healthy and happy. Whether you want a quiet cook moving seamlessly through your kitchen or a chatty chef asking you about your life, I’ll happily accommodate your wishes during the time we have together. I can’t wait to bring that love of food and closeness into your home in the way that works for you!


DC and DMV

  • 2-3 Course Plated Meal
  • 4+ Course Plated Meal
  • Banquet Meal
  • BBQ
  • Brunch
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Party canapes

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Reviews (1)

  • We had an excellent experience with Makda, from the proposal stage to the actual meal itself. Makda submitted a creative, thoughtful, and very reasonably-priced proposal on a tight turnaround, and ended up preparing a delicious three-course meal for the four of us. The dishes were varied—seafood, meat, vegetables, desserts—and every course was planned and cooked very thoughtfully. She came prepared with all of the necessary cooking utensils and gadgets, and made the evening entirely stress-free. The prawns were packed full of flavor, the chicken was tender and perfectly spiced, and the desserts were delicious. She also introduced us to a new dish, cou cou, which we loved. For dessert, Makda prepared guava turnovers with cream cheese, which were so delicious that we even tried to replicate the dish ourselves a few days later (though, admittedly, not nearly as skillfully). To top it all off, we had plenty of leftovers which kept us fed through the entire weekend. I can’t recommend Makda highly enough!

    • Worked on April 11, 2018