1. Appetizer Jewel Box (4kinds of small appetizers )

* Miso Marinated Black Cod lettuce Cup
* Baby lobster( Langoustine) and Organic Cucumber salad
* 1/2 Soft Shell Crab Truffle Salt 
* Pork Shumai Dumpling

2. Wagyu Beef Skewer tasting
( A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef strip loin and Australian Wagyu rib eye )

3. Assorted Nigiri Sushi 7pcs each 

( Bluefin Tuna, Toro, Wild Yellowtail, Sea Bream, Scallop etc, fresh fish from Japan depending on market availability)

4. Snow Crab Pasta ( small portion)
( Wild snow crab leg in home marinara or Alfredo sauce)

5. Dessert
( Mochi ice )
Other Infomation

Hi, my name is Takamasa. Thank you very ouch for your inquiry! I would like to serve you a my latest pre fixed course menus.
I am willing to discuss about menus so, please message me at anytime for any questions!
Thank you!


Meal for 10 on 10 July 2021