1. Appetizer trio
( Celery Curry, Seaweed Salad, organic Edamame etc depending on market availability)

2. Special Fusion Sashimi Sampler
( May Includes Bluefin Tuna,
Scottish Salmon, Japanese
Yellowtail etc depending on market

3. Lettuce Cup special
( grilled black on lettuce cup)

4. Mushroom popper
(Minced Lamb stuffed in Panko breaded Shiitake mushroom)

5. Selectors Sushi 7pcs
( May include Wild Bluefin Tuna, Toro,Wild Japanese Snapper, Scottish Salmon, Yellowtail etc depending on market availability)
* Vegetable roll 4pcs for vegetarian guests

6. Beef Skewer 1pcs each
( A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Strip Loin)

7. Lobster pasta
( Main Lobster meat with home made marinara sauce )

8. Small desert
( Japanese Roll cake)
Other Infomation

Hello, my name is Takamasa. I would like to serve you a special fusion course like Nobu style.
I am willing to discuss about menus so, please message me if you are interested in my course.
Thank you!


Meal for 3 on 23 July 2020