1. California roll with Snow Crab Leg

2. Spicy Salmon Roll

3. Assorted Nigiri Sushi
( Bluefin Tuna 4pcs Toro 2pcs , Scottish Salmon 4 pcs Japanese Yellowtail 4 pcs Local Albacore 2 pcs, Japanese Sea Bream 2 pcs, Scallops 2 pcs, Shrimp 1 pc, Sea Eel 1 pc)

5. Tofu Miso Soup

4. Small desert
Other Infomation

Hello, my name is Takamasa. I would show you how to make some sushi and Rolls at my cooking class.
I am willing to discuss about menus so, please message me for any questions.

Meal for 6 on 09 February 2020