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Creamy Risotto

About Me

I’ve loved cooking my whole life because food is something that made my life better, and cooking is something that makes others happy. Since I was a child I was interested in creating my own dishes, starting with my first Easy Bake Oven. I started cooking because I wanted to know what was in my food and how it was being prepared. I’ve worked professionally in multiple kitchens, and have cooked for and hosted many private events. Through years of cooking with strong teams and talented chefs, I’ve learned to take local ingredients, usually seasonal vegetables and local dry ingredients, and turn it into something great. I love trying new foods, learning how to make them, and coming up with creative and unique twists to classical dishes. I am experienced in all styles and regions of cooking, but I’d have to say my absolute favorite food to eat and prepare would be Italian and Mediterranean foods. One thing I love about cooking, is that it can change the mood of people around you, which can be an intimate experience. Cooking brings friends and families together, and I love to be a part of other people’s happiness through food. I want to take what I’ve learned over the years and introduce these dishes to families and individuals alike. I also run a food blog, where I like to experiment with different recipes. I know that I would make your event a memorable flavor-filled experience, and I would love the chance to cook for you, your friends, and your family.

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Reviews (11)

  • I booked this service for my in laws and they were absolutely blown away by the service they received from Chef Fatima. This is what they said:
    “ As soon as Chef Fatima walked through the door, you knew what type of service you were going to get. Her entire service from prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning was a five star experience. In a nutshell her service was amazing, we had great conversation, she was very personable, and her food was AMAZING!”
    I am way beyond thankful for Chef Fatima and Table at Home for this experience for my family. We will be booking again in the future.

    • Worked on December 15, 2019
  • Fatima did a wonderful job preparing a Christmas dinner for 14 of us. She did all the shopping all the prepping and cooking – – a considerable amount of work. People were so full they could barely get up from the table—though when the time came, they still found room for dessert. :-) There were even some leftovers that I was able to give people to take home. All of our guests agreed that the meal had turned out wonderfully. down to the printed four-course menus. If I have one tiny critique it is that there was a little more time between courses than I had expected. On the other hand it meant dinner stretched out through the evening and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that.

    • Worked on December 14, 2018
  • Really enjoyable meal. Well prepared and excellent dishes. Highly recommend Fatima for your next dinner party!

    • Worked on December 12, 2018
  • Chef Fatima taught our group of 8 amazing Indian Dishes. She was prepared with recipes and all the items we needed. She did a great job giving us instructions and getting everyone to participate. Highly recommend!

    • Worked on December 4, 2018
  • Fatima did an amazing job! Everything was plated so beautifully and the food was absolutely amazing. My guests and I definitely enjoyed the experience and will be referring her.

    • Worked on November 29, 2018
  • Chef Fatima was awesome and made my girlfriend's birthday very special. From set up, to the meal, to the clean up she was on point with everything. All meals were delicious and cooked to perfection. I would highly recommend her if you want a special night at home.

    • Worked on November 27, 2018
  • This was a gift for my sister and husband for their anniversary and they loved it. Although it was last minute, Fatima was able to put it together very nicely. Food, and presentation was incredible. Will definitely be using her again

    • Worked on November 24, 2018
  • We recently used Fatima for a girl’s night at home and she was fantastic! She provided different options for all three courses (app, entrée, dessert) and offered to make something custom if anything did not fit. I ended up picking from the first menu she provided because it was so good. She also offered ideas for custom drink options to make the night special. We are a non-drinking crowd so then she offered some non-alcohol options which I thought was considerate. Another touch which I thought was really nice and made us feel special is that she made printed menus for the evening. They looked fancy to begin with which is why it made us feel special but also allowed the rest of the group to see what we were going to have for dinner. I thought it was a really nice touch which she didn’t have to do but she went the extra step to make it nice.

    She was extremely easy to communicate with and setup the schedule for the day. On the day of the event she was prompt and brought everything she needed to do the cooking. We were able to sit around and chit chat as a group while she did all the prep and cooking for us! The first course was absolutely delicious but the 2nd course really blew we away. We went with a mushroom risotto with roasted beef and it was absolutely delicious. I ate every single bite knowing I would barely have room for dessert! Which was unfortunate, because she provided a warm chocolate cake with ice-cream (my choice). I ate as much as I could, but I literally needed to just sit on the couch for a little while after because I ate so much.

    I would definitely use Fatima again. She was kind, considerate, professional and overall easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her for your next meal.

    • Worked on November 19, 2018
  • Chef Fatima cooked us a great meal. We had more than enough. She cooked us a skirt steak with risotto which was delicious. We loved the onion tart and Brie and pear crostini we had to start. For dessert, the bread pudding was great. There was nothing we didn’t like.

    • Worked on November 16, 2018
  • Fatima was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional, friendly, attentive and punctual. She did a great job with the three courses and successfully served each dish carefully. The presentation of each dish was lovely and the portions were the perfect amount. All of my guests loved the stuffed shells and the skirt steak. Thanks to Fatima my husband’s birthday dinner was a hit. I would definitely recommend her to all of my friends. I wish her lots of luck with her future events. :)

    • Worked on November 10, 2018
  • Chef Fatima was amazing! All of her dishes were so delicious and beautifully plated. She is so kind, friendly, and accommodating and made our anniversary dinner so special. Would highly recommend her.

    • Worked on November 4, 2018