• Private Chef Brenton New York incl CT and NJ
  • Caribbean
  • Fusion
  • Indian
  • Italian

Signature dish:  

Bison steak

About Me

I am a native Jamaican chef who is passionate about creating happiness through the art of cooking. In my 9 years of experience in the culinary industry, I have learned, loved, and appreciated all aspect of cooking. My past experiences include unique establishments such as: Loft (JFK), Norther food hall (Manhattan), Agern (Manhattan), Colonie (Brooklyn hs). I have worked in the spectrum of the kitchen as a line cook, recipe creator, sous chef. Each of those roles posed challenges and triumphs in both team and individual responsibilities. My ultimate inspiration is my mother, who is a brilliant cook. Growing up, she was always able to make ingredients come to life and feed five hungry kids. My greatest joy is to prepare food for others including seeing delightful facial expressions. I strongly believe food is a universal language that bring people together. My favorite cuisines are Caribbean, Italian, Indian, and fusions.

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