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Signature dish:  

Surf and Turf Fried Rice

About Me

Food has always held a special place in my heart. It is not merely sustenance, but a way to bring people together. Celebrating moments big and small. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, I believe that food plays a vital role in creating cherishable memories. With 16 years of experience in the culinary arts industry, I have had the privilege to work alongside some of the best professionals in the field. Starting my career I’ve had the privilege of working my very first French restaurant at “Brasserie Ruhlmann”under the legendary French Chef Laurent Tourondel. I’ve went on to work at “54 Below” with the amazing Chef André J. Marrero where I’ve had the pleasure of cooking for A-List celebrities such as Angela Basset, Tom and Rita Hanks to Clive Davis and many others. I’ve also had the opportunity to work alongside celebrity Chef Jj Johnson where I’ve learned the art of rice. I have seen plenty of NYC finest kitchens strengthen my knowledge. The 16 year journey has only intensified my love and enthusiasm for creating exceptional dining experiences.

Through my catering business, I aim to provide a culinary experience that transcends beyond taste. Every dish is crafted with utmost care, using the finest ingredients and innovative techniques. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a simple family gathering, my goal is to create a feast that delights the senses, sparks conversations, and leaves a lasting impression.

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