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Signature dish:  

Red Argentine Shrimp Pasta

About Me

I’ve loved being in the kitchen since I was a young girl. It’s a place I’ve always felt at home -comfortable to express my creativity freely. I founded my first food business – a soul food delivery service – while enrolled at the University of Central Florida pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology & Microbiology. My original mission was to provide real, affordable, scratch-made southern style cooking that was #betterthanyomomma to my peers at UCF and Full Sail University.

Through passion, consistency, and organic evolution, I have since grown to encompass an expanded set of services and offerings that included catering, private chef services, cooking classes and more. I enjoy providing personal services the most. Being invited into the homes of others to provide an uplifting experience is an intimate joy and honor.

I have over 10 years of culinary experience and am skilled in Soul Food, Fine American Dining, Fusion Cuisine, Plant-Based Cuisine and more. I have studied with classically trained chefs and performed in a variety of environments including trade shows, private events, restaurants, and residences. I have also taught culinary courses and healthy living programs to the youth, adults and seniors in partnerships with organizations such as the YMCA, WellCare and public library systems. While I relish opportunities to provide rare, indulgent experiences to my guests, I find most pleasure in demonstrating inventive ways to enjoy plants and helping them sustain healthy habits. I love exploring colors and sensations. I love discovering new ways to indulge and excite the senses with every new meal!

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