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Signature dish:  

Steak Au Poivre

About Me

Chef Ray is a personal chef with a passion for global cuisine. His love for cooking started at a young age, where he would experiment with flavors and ingredients in his high school culinary class. After completing high school, Chef Ray joined the Navy and was stationed in various countries, which allowed him to immerse himself in diverse cultures and cuisines. This experience ignited his love for cooking even more and opened up his palate to new flavors and techniques.
After serving his country, Chef Ray decided to pursue his passion for cooking and enrolled in culinary school. After graduation, he worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants. He then became a personal chef, where he could create unique and customized menus for individual clients.
Chef Ray’s personal life is just as exciting as his professional one. He is a father of children and a devoted husband to his wife. He credits his family for being his biggest supporters and constantly pushing him to be the best version of himself.
Despite his busy family life and career, Ray is known to be a social butterfly. He is always eager to connect with people and share his love for food and culture. He hosts dinner parties at his home, where he can showcase his latest creations, and enjoys attending local food festivals to learn and network with other culinary professionals.
Through his experiences, Ray has learned that food is a universal language that connects people from all walks of life. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had to travel the world, learn from different cultures, and share his knowledge and passion with others. As he continues to grow and evolve as a chef, he hopes to inspire others to explore the world through their taste buds and embrace the diversity that makes life so flavorful.

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  • I booked Chef Ray as a Christmas gift for my father. Chef Ray not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them with little to no guidance. I can’t stress enough how both professional and personable Chef Ray is. Not to mention his food was absolutely delicious! We’re still talking about it today!

    • Worked on February 4, 2023
  • We had an amazing family birthday celebratory dinner with Chef Ray! The food was incredible and Ray was super flexible, even making some last minute changes to the menu. He’s also extremely personable and made the entire evening about celebrating our birthday folks! This was our first time having a private chef come in and would do it again - especially with Chef Ray!

    • Worked on October 8, 2022